Command and Control Facility, Fort Shafter

Phases 1 to 4 PN 65650 Command and Control Facility


We provided the mechanical, electrical, and fire protection engineering work for the masterplan study to provide sufficient information to develop design documents for construction of the 240,962 sf Command and Control Facility.

Our scope of work included the following:

  • Assist in determining the mechanical, electrical, telecom/data, fire protection, and ATFP requirements to support the development of the conceptual masterplan development for the complex.
  • Determine the MEP utility requirements to support the masterplan development.
  • Develop concept plans and schematics of the electrical power distribution and telecom/data systems only to support the phasing of the development
  • Develop alternatives to improve the energy efficiency of the complex through improvements in the building envelope, building siting, and MEP system design.
  • Assist in the development of the site ATFP criteria for the project.
  • Assist in the assessment and scoring of the facility to meet LEED Gold.
  • The planning study was completed in June 2009.
  • Additionally, we are providing mechanical, electrical, and telecommunication/data engineering design work for the design of the Parking Garage, Site, and Building Support MEP.  Our scope of work includes providing the following:
  • All mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical, telecommunications, and security design/engineering services for the parking garage facility.
  • All MEP design/engineering services relating to the electrical substation.
  • Site telecommunications systems design to a point located 5’-0’’ outside of the perimeter wall of the spaces that will receive telecommunications services.
  • All design and engineering services for a complete condenser water system including cooling towers, vertical turbine pumps, piping distribution system, including mechanical, electrical, and controls components.
  • Design and engineering for the routing and specification of underground electrical power conduits and wiring from the electrical substation to the primary electrical switchgear line-up.
  • All design and engineering services for a complete fuel oil storage, receiving and distribution system.
  • Electrical design coordination with Hawaiian Electric Company for the entire project.
  • Energy modeling and energy simulation services for each of the four respective phases of the design.  Energy modeling and daylighting calculations for energy savings are on a zone by zone basis for each of the buildings and phases in Trace and IES.
  • Provide a detailed quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) check on all submissions prior to their respective issuances to the client.
  • Provide value engineering (VE) services prior to, during, and after the planned project VE Study, and implement VE decisions accepted by the client.
  • Provide construction cost estimating support for designs.


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