Navy Exchange, Guam

NEXCOM Main Exchange Expansion/Renovation


Provide mechanical and electrical engineering design services to expand and renovate the existing Naval Station Guam, Agana Navy Exchange Shopping Mall.  Our work included renovation design of the Existing Exchange Retail Area to current NEX Prototype standards and the conversion of portions of the existing Warehouse, Storage and Office areas into Retail Space.  The renovation work was designed in three (3) major phases and arranged so that the existing operations could remain operational.  Our scope of work included the following:

  • Renovate restrooms in each of the selected phases which will include removing existing fixtures and providing new fixtures (toilets, lavatories, urinals, sinks, floor drains, etc.) and plumbing to all new plumbing fixtures including waste, vent, water, and hot water systems.
  • Provide a packaged steam boiler for the tailor shop including support steam piping and appurtenances.
  • Provide a silver recovery unit to support operations in the photolab as well as any support plumbing.
  • Provide plumbing to all new fixtures in the beauty salon including new water and waste piping and hair traps at all sinks.
  • Provide a central vacuum system for the barber area.
  • Provide air conditioning modifications to support the renovations in each phase as well as new air conditioning for phase 1A which will renovate an existing storage area into retail and shop area.
  • Provide ventilation including general ventilation for restrooms and storage rooms.
  • Replace the electrical distribution system which is obsolete.
  • Lighting system to be replaced in all renovated areas.
  • New security cameras to be provided throughout the facility.
  • The existing PA speakers and related cables will be removed and replaced.
  • Install data and telephone cables for extension of existing system.


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