Quad D, Phase 3B, Buildings 450 & 451, Schofield Barracks


This project includes the renovation and upgrades of Quad D, Buildings 450 and 451 and surrounding areas to meet current Army barracks criteria.  Our scope of work includes the following:


  • Provide high efficient air conditioning systems for the facility in accordance with the RFP and UFC 3-410-01Fa.
  • Central plant, including cooling towers to support future Quad D cooling loads.
  • New chilled and hot water loop in the courtyard with future stub-outs for Phase II work.
  • Ventilation for the facility in accordance with the RFP and ASHRAE 62.1.
  • Complete plumbing support for the facility in accordance with the RFP, UFC 3-420-01, and IPC.
  • Provisions for R-1 reclaimed water usage for the toilets.  Piping has backflow prevention and is designed in accordance with the IPC for grey water systems, including “purple pipe” and labeling.
  • Plumbing support for the boot wash area, including an underground interceptor to capture particles prior to discharging to landscaping or grade.
  • Solar hot water system capable of providing 40% of the hot water demand.
  • Water source heat pump unit to provide hot water utilizing heat recovery from the chilled water circuit.  Gas fired water heaters were provided as back-up to the solar and heat pump hot water systems.
  • Mechanical ventilation for the first floor mechanical refrigeration room in accordance with ASHRAE 15.
  • 24/7 air conditioning for all communication rooms.
  • New DDC energy management system.
  • Assist in commissioning effort of the new mechanical equipment installed under this project.
  • Assist in LEED documentation and certification with the USGBC.
  • Include ATFP features in the mechanical systems in accordance with UFC 4-010-01.


  • Provide new exterior electrical distribution throughout the Quad with provisions for future connections to Buildings 449 and 452.
  • Phase work to accommodate buildings that will remain occupied.
  • Provide new area and parking lighting.
  • Power and lighting for the new gear wash and pavilion building.
  • Lighting for the multi-purpose court.
  • New power, lighting, telephone, data, and CATV systems for Buildings 450 and 451.
  • Coordinate data work with DOIM.
  • Provide power to all air conditioning systems.
  • Assist in LEED documentation and implementation of any LEED sustainable features.

Fire Protection

  • Conduct Fire Protection and Life Safety analysis.
  • Provide complete wet-pipe fire sprinkler protection in accordance with UFC 3-600-01 and NFPA 13.
  • Provide an addressable fire alarm system for the new building in accordance with UFC 3-600-01 and NFPA 72.
  • Provide a mass notification system for the facility in accordance with UFC 4-021-01.



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