Quad B, Schofield Barracks

Quad B.jpg

Quad B, PN 76586 WBR Phase 2BB, Bldg 156 and Central Plant, and PN 76587 WBR Phase 2C, Bldgs 157 and 158


We are providing the mechanical and fire protection engineering design work for plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning, and fire protection for preliminary investigations, parametric design charrette for VE study for the renovation of Quad B.

Our scope of work includes the following:

  • Conduct a site survey of the existing facilities to confirm existing conditions and to validate existing as-built documentation.
  • Conduct preliminary calculations, energy simulation, and straw man design with 0% cost estimate prior to the charrette.
  • Attend 3-day charrette to validate project requirements and budget.
  • Attend in-team eco-charrette and conduct LEED analysis.  This process will update the energy simulation and LEED features for the project.
  • Summarize project requirements in a charrette report.
  • Provide a conceptual design for the mechanical, and fire protection systems serving the building consisting of one line schematics, zoning, and equipment sizing.
  • Provide a life safety evaluation and basis for design for the mechanical and fire protection work.
  • Provide cost estimates based on the conceptual design developed for the project.
  • Coordination of work with all other disciplines.
  • Respond to VE study recommendations and implement into the conceptual design if found feasible.


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