Central Plant Renovation

Tripler Medical Center


Tripler Army Medical Center is a 600 bed, 2,000,000 sq ft facility which was renovated and expanded from 1982 to 1990. By the time the renovation was complete, the originally designed chiller plant was undersized for the actual system loads.

When two of the chillers failed in February of 1992, the loss of air conditioning threatened to disrupt operation in critical areas of the hospital, including the surgery and intensive care units. We were retained by the Corps of Engineers under a 15 week fast track design schedule to evaluate the existing central plant and to design upgrades to either retrofit or replace the existing chiller plant.

Based on our analysis, we replaced the original R-22 chillers with two new 600 ton and two new 900 ton HCFC-123 centrifugal chillers, complete with primary/secondary pumping system and a new DDC control system. This $1,414,000 project achieved an annual energy savings of $203,825 in its first year of operation plus $75,000 in avoided maintenance resulting in a simple payback of five years. This project has received national awards and recognition from the American Consulting Engineers Council and from the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters.


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