Tripler Army Medical Center



Tripler Army Medical Center is a 600 bed, 2,000,000 sf facility which serves the armed forces in the Pacific Area. We have worked on renovation and repair projects since 1978 for this facility and we are extremely familiar with the entire complex.

We have completed the following projects at this facility:

  • Relocation of the existing boiler plant including a phasing plan to minimize steam outages during construction
  • Provision for elevator shunt trip breakers throughout the hospital
  • Renovation of various offices including, accounting, administration, and security command
  • Renovation of the Pathology Lab, Room 2H202
  • Drug Test Lab Renovations, Building 40
  • Repair Isolation/Ventilation Rooms
  • Replaced water heater exhaust stacks, Buildings 102, 224, and 300
  • Modification to EMCS controls and piping, Central Plant
  • Replace plumbing/chillers in four buildings
  • Installation of three boilers
  • Preparation of master plan for chilled water and hot water piping distribution systems
  • Fire sprinkler system evaluation and design for various departments and floors
  • Development of service maintenance and repair contracts for 13 mechanical systems, electrical systems and equipment
  • Reviewed approximately 600 mechanical and 300 electrical plans for Package 3 Construction
  • Renovation of Building 660 Washer and Sterilizer
  • Evaluation of fire shutters for the Pharmacy
  • Repair Elevators 1 – 4 in Wing A
  • Relocation of fire sprinkler systems in the morgue
  • Provide new nitrogen generator for Building 40 Exterior Shed
  • Evaluation of Day Tank Vent
  • Provide fire alarm and protection system for Building 141
  • Repair of steam hot water tank
  • Repair of nurse stations and breakrooms
  • Modification of fire sprinkler layouts for dining room and kitchen areas


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