Whole Barracks Renewal, Phases 2F2 and 2G


Mechanical, electrical, and fire protection design work for Phases 2F2 and 2G.

Mechanical design services include the following:

  • Provide plumbing and ventilation for the storage areas, toilet areas, locker rooms, and restrooms, gear washdown areas, laundry areas, and bathrooms.
  • Provide air conditioning for the admin areas, classrooms, and barracks modules.
  • Connect utilities (CHW, HW, CW, and HWR) to existing stubouts and coordinate with civil engineer.
  • Provide dehumidification control for the arms vaults.
  • Provide a new DDC energy management system to serve the entire 2F2 and 2G Barracks.
  • Provide post-construction commissioning services to commission new mechanical equipment installed under this project.
  • Electrical design services include the following:
  • Provide new power, lighting, telephone, data and CATV systems.
  • Provide new multipurpose lighting for recreational area and play court area.
  • Provide mass notification system for courtyard and buildings to be renovated as part of this project.
  • Fire Protection design services include the following:
  • Conduct Fire Protection and Life Safety analysis.
  • Provide a wet-pipe fire sprinkler protection in accordance with UFC-3-600-01.
  • Provide a fire alarm system for all new buildings.



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