Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Bachelor Enlisted Quarters


We provided the mechanical, electrical, and fire protection engineering design work for the Design-Build portion for the Kaneohe Bachelor Enlisted Quarters. The new BEQ facility will be five stories and consist of 150 units and is designed to achieve a LEED Silver rating.

The mechanical scope of work includes providing the following:

  • Plumbing to all plumbing fixtures including water closets, lavatories, sinks, showers, hose bibs, washing machine boxes, and electric water coolers.
  • Air conditioning consisting of a single high efficiency screw or scroll chiller and dual cell cooling tower.
  • Ventilation for all restrooms, the central plant mechanical room, and laundry dryers.

The electrical scope of work includes providing the following:

  • New electrical primary underground service and underground duct lines for telephone, EMCS, and cable television (CATV) systems.
  • New primary pad mounted switchgear and transformers for the new electrical service and chiller plant.
  • New power, lighting, and telecom in the new BEQ buildings and mechanical chiller plant building.
  • New power and lighting in the new pavilion buildings.
  • New parking and walkway lighting.

The fire protection scope of work includes providing the following:

  • Wet pipe fire sprinkler systems designed and installed to comply with UFC 3-600-01 and NFPA 13.
  • Available water supply will be supplied by a new water main.
  • Fire hydrants around the perimeter of the BEQ.
  • Fire Department Access by a new fire lane paved with grasscrete in front of the building.
  • Backflow prevention.
  • Wet standpipe system in each stairwell per UFC-3-600-01 and NFPA 14.
  • Addressable fire alarm system with a fire alarm panel and radio transmitter.
  • Audible notification throughout all buildings, and single station smoke detectors in each residence.


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