Baldwin High School

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InSynergy Engineering, Inc. provided the mechanical engineering design work to expand the new library. Our scope of work included providing plumbing to all new plumbing fixtures; roof storm drains and area storm drains as required; central air conditioning consisting of a high efficiency chilled water system and C02 demand control ventilation; general ventilation for restrooms and outside air relief; and ensuring compliance with Hawaii High Performance School Guidelines.

Sustainable design features incorporated into the project include the following:

  • Dual flush toilet and waterless urinals to reduce consumption of potable water
  • Additional commissioning of mechanical systems to ensure all systems are operating per the design intent
  • High efficiency air cooled chillers or air conditioning packaged systems to reduce energy consumption
  • No CFS will be used in air conditioning equipment
  • Ventilation rates and indoor air quality will comply with ASHRAE 62

We are also providing mechanical and fire protection engineering services to convert the existing library into a Classroom and Counseling Center. Our scope for this portion includes providing new sinks in the classrooms; replacing one water cooler and providing an additional new water cooler; and providing new air conditioning for the counseling area only.


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