Naalehu Elementary School

New Six Classroom Building


We provided the mechanical and electrical design work for plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection, power and lighting. The mechanical scope of work includes providing air conditioning throughout the entire building from either a central chilled water air conditioning system or individual packaged through the wall air conditioning units; designing the mechanical systems around High Performance School Guidelines and DOE standards; providing plumbing to all plumbing fixtures; providing acid waste piping to support the lab facilities; provide LPG tank and gas piping to support the lab facilities; providing ventilation for science room hoods and restroom facilities; and integrating heat recovery for hot water heating or solar water heating system. LEED requirements including waterless urinals, low-flow plumbing fixtures and commissioning requirements were integrated to meet the LEED silver requirements.

The electrical scope of work included integrating LEED energy saving requirements, including occupancy sensors and lighting controls, to meet LEED silver requirements; providing site power to receptacles, equipment, and lighting to support the addition of the new classroom building; providing telecomm infrastructure, telephone, and CATV systems, and providing a fire alarm system throughout the building.



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