Energy Saving Performance Contracting

Technical Assistance for Energy Efficient Buildings


InSynergy Engineering, Inc. is providing technical assistance for the State of Hawaii Department of Business Economic Development & Tourism for the Technical Assistance for Energy Efficiency Buildings Program. This program consists of multiple projects to provide technical assistance services and training related to bringing buildings to Energy Star Level and LEED standards, including the following:

  • Energy assessments and analysis, training, and information.
  • Assistance and training to building code officials on latest code elements and renewable energy technologies.
  • Assistance to state agencies/non-profits/small businesses in assessing energy efficiency improvements.
  • Assistance to the State of Hawaii for retrocommissioning of state buildings and facilities.
  • Commissioning and retrocommissioning services for installation of HVAC equipment and other large mechanical systems.
  • Developing a statewide system of metrics to track project spending and investment, jobs, energy savings, dollar savings, emissions reductions and other metrics; and maintaining and providing updates to the system.
  • Providing assistance to building owners and managers to determine performance outcomes for buildings and facilities for efficiency and renewable improvements.
  • Technical assistance using selected new technologies for efficiency and renewable energy.

We have completed or are currently providing services for the following task orders:

  • Administrative support for Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC), Department of Accounting and General Services Buildings, Statewide.  Providing mechanical and electrical engineering services support to implement Energy Services Performance Contract for 33 facilities statewide.
  • Public Safety Energy Savings Performance Contracts, Statewide.  Mechanical and electrical engineering work to provide technical support for the development and project management of Energy Savings Performance Contracts for the Department of Public Safety Facilities.  Phase I includes evaluating two facilities and Phase II includes four correctional centers.
  • Engineering Support for DAGS to Implement ESPC, Phase II, Statewide.  We are conducting site visits to 31 buildings statewide to assess the feasibility of Energy Conservation Measures that could be implemented, and providing technical support during the review of the Technical Energy Assessment documents and in the review and evaluation of the Investment Grade Audit report.
  • Engineering Support for the Department of Transportation – Airports Division, Statewide.  Providing the mechanical and electrical engineering support to implement a statewide ESPC for buildings in the Honolulu International Airport, Kahului Airport, Kapalua Airport, Hilo Airport, Kona Airport, Lihue Airport, and Hoolehua Airport.  We are providing technical support during the Invitation for Proposals (IFP) solicitation process and during the review and evaluation of the Technical Energy Assessment (TEA) documents submitted in response to the IFP solicitation process.


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