Kalaeloa Solar Plant One

Design and Construction Management Services for Kalaeloa Solar Plant One


InSynergy Engineering, Inc. is currently providing the mechanical and electrical engineering work, including support from our power plant subconsultant, to design a new 5 MW concentrated solar array solar thermal electric power plant for the Department of Hawaiian Homes.

Our scope of work includes providing design for the Building Shell and Site Design and Power Plant Design, as follows:

Building Shell and Site Design

  • Develop a building plan in coordination with structural engineer and architect to accommodate the Organic Rankine Cycle (OrC) generators, switchgear, and associated auxiliary equipment.
  • Provide the site electrical distribution for the incoming HECO electrical service and for CATV and telephone from Oceanic and Hawaiian Telcom.
  • Provide building ventilation, plumbing, interior power distribution, lighting, and fire protection/fire alarm systems for the buildings.
  • Coordinate the water, sanitary sewer, and fire protection main utility requirements, and site grading and site roadway and access requirements with civil engineers.

Power Plant Design

  • Assist in the development of the overall power plant concept, including selection of the concentrated solar arrays, ORC generators, switchgear, black-start generator, and associated auxiliary equipment.
  • Develop the piping design for the hot oil circulation piping from the main headers from the collectors to the ORC generators, including thermal stress analysis and pipe support and connection detailing to comply with ASME B31 in coordination with the structural engineer.
  • Develop the piping connection and foundation design for the solar collectors, storage tanks, ORC generators, cooling towers, pumps, and all other ancillary equipment with the structural engineer.
  • Determine the thermal oil storage requirements and tank selection.
  • Determine the cooling tower design requirements and detail the cooling system design.
  • Assist in evaluating the feasibility of utilizing on-site source and injection wells for either cooling tower make-up or for direct cooling with support from the geotechnical engineer and hydrologist and detail the design for the recommended scheme.
  • Develop the overall electrical design for the generation of power from the ORC generators and tie the generators to a common 4,160 V switchgear section for power distribution to HECO. Coordinate the step-up of voltage to 13 kV or 47 kV and interconnection of the power plant to HECO via a new service interconnection.
    Provide interior power distribution to all plant equipment, including the generators and auxiliaries, pumps, and exterior power distribution to the solar collectors.
  • Design the new black-start generator system, complete with switchgears, radiators, mufflers, exhaust stack, and controls to allow unit to start-up the plant in the event of a HECO outage. Provide fuel storage tank and piping to the generator to comply with current EPA requirements.


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