Kaimuki Christian School


We provided the mechancial and electrical engineering design work for the new middle school expansion at Kaimuki Middle School. Our scope of work included the following:

  • Plumbing for the new building and renovation of the restroom in the main building.
  • Ventilation for the restroom areas.
  • Air conditioning for the classrooms and computer lab.
  • Energy simulation modeling for LEED compliance and for EA Credit 1.
  • LEED documentation for the mechanical and electrical system enhancements and LEED prerequisites.
  • Fundamental commissioning.
  • New interior electrical power distribution for the building with new electrical service.
  • New interior lighting and daylighting controls.
  • Pathways for telecom/data fromt he main building telecom/data room to the new building classroom and computer lab spaces.
  • Modification and expansion of the fire alarm system for the new building.
  • Additional conduits for CCTV, CATV, security and access systems.


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