Maui Community College New Science Building

Kahului, Hawaii

Currently providing the mechanical and electrical engineering work for a new two level, 50,000 sf science building being designed for LEED silver.  The scope of work includes providing the following:

Plumbing to all of the new plumbing fixtures throughout the building.  Plumbing fixtures will be ultra-low flow type to maximize LEED credits.

Acid-waste plumbing to all acid handling plumbing fixtures that will drain through a central neutralization tank.

Support for the new generator including a fuel tank and ventilation.

Hot water system consisting of solar water heating panels with gas back up.

Evaluate air conditioning options for the new Science Building.  Options would include providing a standalone air conditioning system for the building (air cooled or water cooled), connecting to the existing campus central loop and expand the central plant as required to accommodate the new load.

  • VAV air conditioning throughout the existing building with central station air handling units.
  • 24 hour air conditioning for data and telecomm rooms.
  • Exhaust ventilation for the laboratory hoods, hazmat storage and restrooms.
  • Specialty ventilation for the machine shop and shop operations.
  • Heat recovery for laboratory hood exhaust to pre-cool outside air intakes.
  • Evaluate and implement a wind turbine on the grounds of the facility if deemed feasible.
  • DDC system to monitor and control all HVAC equipment.
  • Demand control ventilation for maximum energy savings.
  • Fire sprinklers throughout the building.
  • LEED alternatives to the greatest extent possible.


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