Maui Lani Elementary School


We provided the mechanical engineering design work for plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning, and sprinkler protection for a new 88,496 sf elementary school campus.

Our scope of work included the following:

  • Central air conditioning for the classrooms and admin/library wing using single packaged air-cooled ducted air conditioning units for the classrooms, and split system dx variable air volume units for the admin/library area.
  • Separate dx AC systems for the telecom rooms.
  • Exhaust ventilation for the restrooms, bathrooms, and janitor closets.
  • Grease exhaust system with make-up air ventilation for the main cafeteria kitchen.
  • Plumbing for the restrooms and kitchen, and janitor closets, and main cafeteria kitchen.
  • New grease interceptor sized to accommodate the main cafeteria sanitary waste system.
  • Gas distribution system for the water heaters and kitchen appliances.
  • Complete fire sprinkler system for the classrooms and admin/library buildings.

Our engineering design services include:

  • Coordination of air conditioning design with the acoustical consultant.
  • New water and sewer coordination with the civil engineer.
  • New electrical coordination/service with the electrical engineer.

In addition, we prepared a commissioning plan to monitor and document the commissioning phases, and assisted in a three week commissioning of the various systems.


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