Nobu's Restaurant

Nobu's Restaurant at the Waikiki Parc Hotel


Provided mechanical and electrical engineering design work for plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection, power, communication, and lighting.

The mechanical scope of work include the following:

  • Remove existing kitchen plumbing fixtures and piping to accommodate new layout and provide new plumbing connections to new kitchen equipment.
  • Remove existing HVAC systems and replace with new.
  • Relocate fire sprinkler heads as required.
  • Modify the kitchen ventilation systems to support the kitchen renovation.
  • Reconnect all new plumbing into the existing grease interception.

The electrical scope of work include the following:

  • Remove and replace existing power distribution to kitchen and dining areas.
  • Remove and replace existing lighting.  Lighting design will be by others.
  • Provide new fire alarm devices and support for security and point of sale systems.
  • Provide power to all new HVAC and kitchen equipment.

Engineering design services include field survey of existing site, preparation of cost estimate, a review of substitution requests during bidding, a review of shop drawings and equipment submittals, and site visits during the preliminary design, construction, and final observation stages.

Changes done throughout the project included revising electrical, lighting, and communication plans, changing the ceiling and floor level lighting plans, revising the electrical distribution system and equipment to accommodate the request to add electrical service check meters, redesigning the diffuser locations and ductwork, recalculating the air conditioning system, and revising the chilled water cooling piping plan and diagrams.


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