Plaza at Milltown



InSynergy Engineering, Inc. provided the mechanical and fire protection engineering design work for plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning, and fire protection, including fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems for the Sugar Mill Commercial Center, also known as Plaza at Milltown.

Our mechanical scope includes the following:

  • Provide plumbing stub-outs to each space consisting of water and sanitary piping (grease and non-grease) stubs for each shell space.
  • Provide plumbing to the restrooms.
  • Provide a central grease interceptor system to serve the entire facility.
  • Provide support for the elevator including an oil water separator and pre-action fire sprinkler system.
  • Provide roof drainage systems for the building and plumbing support for mechanical air conditioning systems.
  • Provide roof top packaged air conditioning units for each tenant space. Air conditioning unit sizing will be based on a standard 200 sf/ton. Additional air conditioning will be provided by the individual tenants. Ductwork distribution will be provided by the individual tenants.
  • Provide outside air provisions for each tenant space.
  • Provide ventilation for the restrooms.

Our fire protection scope of work includes the following:

  • Conduct life safety analysis for the new building and building code compliance.
  • Provide fire sprinkler protection throughout the shell spaces.
  • Provide fire alarm throughout the shell spaces.
  • Provide testing of fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems at the completion of construction.


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