Wideband Satellite Communication (SATCOM) Operational Control Facility


The Wideband Satellite Communication Control (WSOC) facility is a new 30,000 sf satellite communications center that will be located in NCTAMS, Wahiawa and will be designed for LEED silver.  Our scope of work for this project included the detailed mechanical and electrical engineering design work for the facility.

The mechanical scope includes the following:  Provide a new air conditioning system with N+1 redundancy, plumbing to all new plumbing fixtures including water conserving fixtures to meet LEED requirements; hot water heating system consisting of electric point of use heaters; and support for the emergency generators including fuel storage, and distribution systems.  The air conditioning system consists of a water cooled primary chilled water system with an air cooled back up chiller for back-up.  The scope also included providing VAV air distribution throughout the WSOC administrative areas; under floor computer room air conditioning units for the WSOC and SATCOM equipment areas; a complete DDC Energy Management System throughout the building. LEED and EPACT 2005 measures incorporated into the project included high efficiency water-cooled equipment, demand controlled ventilation, occupancy sensors, and heat recovery; implementing hot water reheat system for the floor mounted computer room units utilizing heat recovered from the air conditioning system; and providing general ventilation throughout the building to meet ASHRAE 62 requirements.

The electrical scope includes providing primary utility power by utilizing new duct banks and conduits from the HRSOC and P173 projects; coordinating with NAVFACPAC and NCTAMS in order to utilize their new Navy Switching Station switchgear for primary utility power to WSOC; designing an N+1 redundant emergency generator system capable of supporting the entire WSOC building load for up to 10 days; and an N+1 redundant battery backup UPS system with 15 minute backup time to support critical WSOC and SATCOM equipment.  The electrical scope also includes providing the interior power distribution and lighting; the complete facility grounding system; infrastructure for base communications services from the WSOC facility to Buildings 5 and 261; commercial communications services (CATV) to the new facility; complete interior system to support base communications (NIPRNET, SIPRNET, and voice), commercial CATV services; under floor red and black cable tray pathway systems for operations equipment; ASCT overhead cable ladder racks; elevated waveguide system (cable tray and supports) from interior of Building 409 to under floor of new WSOC facility; a waveguide trench from new antenna equipment pad; all grounding systems and subsystems required; and infrastructure for theAccess Control, IDS, and CCTV, and an overhead paging system.



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