Honolulu International Airport Chilled Water System

Honolulu International Airport Chilled Water System Modernization


InSynergy Engineering is the prime consultant for the replacement and upgrade of the existing chilled water system the serves the entire 3,000,000 sf Honolulu International Airport.

The airport is currently served by three separate chilled water systems that serve the Diamond Head Wing, the Overseas Terminal, and the Ewa Wing/Interisland Terminal.

The scope of the project includes rebuilding and upsizing the three chilled water plants to 4,000 tons of capacity each to meet current and future loads for a planned 1,000,000 sf expansion of the airport. The three plants will be connected by a new 20-inch chilled water supply and return loop that will be routed in a new elevated walkway along the upper Wikiwiki bus level of the terminal.

In addition to the new chilled water loop and energy efficient water cooled chiller plants, we are also designing three (3) new 5,000 KVA substations to provide power to the new equipment, and a new Direct Digital Control (DDC) System to monitor and control the system. The new system will provide flexibility and redundancy in operation since each of the chiller plants can generate and distribute cooling through the new loop to the other areas in the airport in the event one of the plants is down for maintenance or repair, or to conserve energy during periods of minimum loads.

As part of the project, the existing Sheriff’s office was demolished and rebuilt in a new location to accommodate the new Diamond Head chiller plant.

We are also providing construction observation and construction management services during construction and assist in the new startup and commissioning of the new systems.

Total Construction Cost: $51,000,000


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