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Honolulu Zoo Learning Center


InSynergy Engineering, Inc. provided the mechanical and electrical engineering design work for plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection, power, and lighting.

The mechanical scope of work included the following: provided plumbing to new restroom plumbing fixtures; demolition plans for existing plumbing fixtures; air conditioning throughout the space consisting of ducted DX split air conditioning units; and ventialtion for restrooms and general areas.

The electrical scope of work included providing site electrical removal plans and new site power to the building; site lighting within the area of work and the exterior of the building; interior power distribution, lighting, data, and telecom systems; a manual fire alarm system; coordination of telecom requirements with City and County IT personnel; and on-site renewable energy to a 1,000 sf classroom space via a 6 kW solar photovoltaic system.


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Kahului Airport Electrical Power Upgrade


InSynergy Engineering, Inc. was the Prime Consultant for a study to identify the electrical construction requirements and upgrades required to have the capability of providing 400 Hz power to the all of the loading bridges that serve parked aircraft at the Kahului Airport.

Based on the study, we provided the detailed engineering design services to upgrade the electrical power system to support the new distributed 400 Hz power supplies for the passenger loading docks. Our scope of work included removing the existing primary switchgear, replacing two existing unit substations with new, providing new electrical distribution for the distributed 400 Hz power supplies at 18 gates, designed additional electrical power to support future TSA equipment, designed new electrical room with switchgear for TSA equipment, coordinated load requirements and scheduling of other projects with Maui Electric Company, provided new SCADA system for TSA electrical equipment and tie-in to new SCADA system, provided new fire alarm devices for the TSA electrical room and interconnect to the existing fire alarm system, provided new security system for the TSA electrical room and interconnect to the existing security system, and designed new air handling units to serve the new electrical switchgear and substation room.

Total Construction Cost: $13,000,000


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Kahului Airport Chiller Plant


We provided the mechanical and electrical engineering design for a new 1,500 ton chiller plant to replace the existing air conditioning system at the Kahului Airport. Our design included the replacement of the chiller plant components which included: three (3) 500-ton centrifugal chillers, three (3) chilled water and condenser water pumps, three (3) cooling towers, all necessary piping (chilled water piping within the chiller plants and condenser water piping between the plant and cooling towers), and all electrical switchgear and conductors in the MCC. In addition, we designed the central plant upgrade to conform to ASHRAE 15 standards and NFPA standards.

We also designed a direct digital control system that will control the chiller plant operations and maintenance and interface with the existing Johnson control central control system. The control system will not extend to the air distribution system and we also provided an inspection and evaluation of the existing air handlers for Buildings A and B and performed mechanical and electrical design to remediate the deficiencies found.

Total construction cost was $3,500,000.

This project is a 2007 Maui Electric Hall of Fame Energy Award Winner.

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Alapai Bus Transit Center


We provided the mechanical and electrical engineering design work for the new bus transit facility at Alapai Street, consisting of a bus parking area, passenger shelters, and a bus transit building. Our scope of work included the following:

Joint Traffic Management System (JTMS):

  • Coordinate site electrical requirements with the JTMC design team and provide spare ducts or infrastructure to support the JTMC building and prevent future re-work.

Alapai Transit Center:

  • Plumbing for lavatories, urinal, and water closets in the restroom building.
  • Remove and relocate existing utilities routed through the site and street lights as necessary.
  • Coordinate site power requirements with HECO.
  • Coordinate utilities with Hawaiian Telcom, HECO, and Oceanic Cable.
  • Provide site lighting throughout the site.
  • Provide receptacles, lighting, and power to mechanical equipment in the Bus Transit Building.
  • Provide power and lighting at bus stop shelters and storage building.

Parking Structure:

  • Coordinate utilities for the new parking structure.
  • Coordinate site power requirement with HECO.
  • Coordinate utilities with Hawaiian Telcom and Oceanic Cable.
  • Coordinate infrastructure tie-in with the parking structure design team.


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Board of Water Supply Air Conditioning Renovation

Board of Water Supply Beretania Building Air Conditioning Renovation


Phase I includes the following: conduct a load analysis to verify cooling requirements for the building; monitor the chiller plant; evaluate existing electrical loads; conduct assessment of the existing air conditioning systems to determine replacement options; select major equipment components; provide budgets for each scheme analyzed; and meet with the Board of Water Supply (BWS) to select the most feasible air conditioning scheme that will meet the BWS functional and budgetary requirements.

Phase II includes developing a modified Design Build RFP based on the scheme selected, consisting of a narrative and conceptual and schematic drawings. The Division 1 and General requirements of the RFP will also be developed.

Phase III includes assisting BWS in reviewing the DB contractor’s technical proposals; providing briefing to the selection committee based on review findings; and provide clarifications to RFI’s generated by the contractors during the pricing phase.

Phase IV of this project includes reviewing DB design documents to ensure compliance with all RFP requirements; provide clarification to RFI’s generated by the Design Builder during the construction and design phase; review value engineering proposals, shop drawings and major equipment submittals to ensure compliance with RFP requirements; and conduct site visits to observe construction during key milestones.


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Honolulu International Airport Chilled Water System

Honolulu International Airport Chilled Water System Modernization


InSynergy Engineering is the prime consultant for the replacement and upgrade of the existing chilled water system the serves the entire 3,000,000 sf Honolulu International Airport.

The airport is currently served by three separate chilled water systems that serve the Diamond Head Wing, the Overseas Terminal, and the Ewa Wing/Interisland Terminal.

The scope of the project includes rebuilding and upsizing the three chilled water plants to 4,000 tons of capacity each to meet current and future loads for a planned 1,000,000 sf expansion of the airport. The three plants will be connected by a new 20-inch chilled water supply and return loop that will be routed in a new elevated walkway along the upper Wikiwiki bus level of the terminal.

In addition to the new chilled water loop and energy efficient water cooled chiller plants, we are also designing three (3) new 5,000 KVA substations to provide power to the new equipment, and a new Direct Digital Control (DDC) System to monitor and control the system. The new system will provide flexibility and redundancy in operation since each of the chiller plants can generate and distribute cooling through the new loop to the other areas in the airport in the event one of the plants is down for maintenance or repair, or to conserve energy during periods of minimum loads.

As part of the project, the existing Sheriff’s office was demolished and rebuilt in a new location to accommodate the new Diamond Head chiller plant.

We are also providing construction observation and construction management services during construction and assist in the new startup and commissioning of the new systems.

Total Construction Cost: $51,000,000


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