Honolulu Zoo Learning Center


InSynergy Engineering, Inc. provided the mechanical and electrical engineering design work for plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection, power, and lighting.

The mechanical scope of work included the following: provided plumbing to new restroom plumbing fixtures; demolition plans for existing plumbing fixtures; air conditioning throughout the space consisting of ducted DX split air conditioning units; and ventialtion for restrooms and general areas.

The electrical scope of work included providing site electrical removal plans and new site power to the building; site lighting within the area of work and the exterior of the building; interior power distribution, lighting, data, and telecom systems; a manual fire alarm system; coordination of telecom requirements with City and County IT personnel; and on-site renewable energy to a 1,000 sf classroom space via a 6 kW solar photovoltaic system.


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