Kahului Airport Electrical Power Upgrade


InSynergy Engineering, Inc. was the Prime Consultant for a study to identify the electrical construction requirements and upgrades required to have the capability of providing 400 Hz power to the all of the loading bridges that serve parked aircraft at the Kahului Airport.

Based on the study, we provided the detailed engineering design services to upgrade the electrical power system to support the new distributed 400 Hz power supplies for the passenger loading docks. Our scope of work included removing the existing primary switchgear, replacing two existing unit substations with new, providing new electrical distribution for the distributed 400 Hz power supplies at 18 gates, designed additional electrical power to support future TSA equipment, designed new electrical room with switchgear for TSA equipment, coordinated load requirements and scheduling of other projects with Maui Electric Company, provided new SCADA system for TSA electrical equipment and tie-in to new SCADA system, provided new fire alarm devices for the TSA electrical room and interconnect to the existing fire alarm system, provided new security system for the TSA electrical room and interconnect to the existing security system, and designed new air handling units to serve the new electrical switchgear and substation room.

Total Construction Cost: $13,000,000


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