Install Additional Tanks at Kalaeloa Terminal


We are currently providing the mechanical and electrical engineering design work for siting and installing nine 30,0000 tanks and associated foundations. The work generally involves updating drawings that were prepared in 2005 and completed up to 90%. The drawings and specifications will be updated to comply with current site conditions and current codes.

Our scope of work includes the following:

1. Coordinate the design and installation of the new tanks.
2. Update and validate the master plan the facility to consider possible future loading bulkhead and other product transfer operations.
3. Update drawings to meet the current requirements for NFPA 58 and 59 as well as the new Hawaii State Fire Code.
4. Provide updated Code analysis to ensure all fire protection and setback requirements are addressed.
5. Conduct pre-bid walk-through.
6. Process building permit application. (Permit fee not included.)
7. Prepare contract documents.
8. Conduct pre-construction conference.
9. Provide construction site observations periodically and respond to clarification requests.
10. Provide construction phase support services including review of submittals (material and shop drawings) and payment requests.
11. Coordinate all disciplines.

1.  Update drawings based on actual current conditions.
2. Conduct a code analysis and validate the design done in 2005.
3. Provide construction phase support including review of equipment submittals and shop drawings.


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