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LPG Storage at Maui New Yard

Install Additional LPG Storage at Maui New Yard


Currently providing the mechanical and electrical engineering design work to install six new 30,000 gallon tanks at the Maui Base Yard. Our scope of work includes the following:


  • Prepare design drawings and specifications for the installation of six 30,000 gallon LPG tanks on existing concrete pedestals in the Maui New Yard.
  • Evaluate the possible use of existing 30,000 gallon tanks owned by The Gas Company.
  • Include gas and fire detection equipment in the design as required by the Maui Fire Department.
  • Include “redundant and fail safe product control measures” as described in NFPA 58 in the design as required by the Maui Fire Department.
  • Include the consolidation of bulkheads/fill points in design.
  • Incorporate emergency shutdowns of new tanks with existing.
  • Revise and provide updated P&ID drawings.


  • Provide power to the level sensing system.
  • Integrate emergency shutdown of LPG transfer equipment.
  • Provide power to all new fire sensing and monitoring devices.


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Honolulu International Airport Distributed Generation Power Plant


In 2006, we assisted Hawaiian Electric Company in conducting a feasibility study for the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation-Airports Division to evaluate the technical, operational, and cost considerations for the potential installation of an emergency power facility at the Honolulu International Airport. This study also included the evaluation of the potential costs and operational considerations of HECO’s use of these units as dispatchable standby generators.

Following the completion of the study, we recently completed the design for a new 10 MW DG power plant for the Honolulu International Airport including Fuel Storage Tank Farm with Containment Berm, oil water separator, and truck unloading rack which will also accommodate a future expansion to 20 MW.

The current scope of work for the first phase of the generator building design includes providing four 2.5 MW Caterpillar diesel generators with radiators and associated auxiliary equipment, with the design fitting within the allocated site adjacent to HECO’s Airport substation. This entailed identifying setback and spacing requirements, ass well as maintaining the Department of Transportation easement. Also included in the scope was ensuring that the building design and construction would survive hurricane conditions, have a configuration considering noise abatement requirements, and allowing for access clearances required to deliver gen-sets to the site and fuel truck deliveries.

We also designed a 7-day usable fuel storage tank farm to allow for future fuels (naptha, diesel/ethanol, or jet fuel). The fuel tank and foundation are designed in accordance with API 650 with El Segundo leak detection tank bottom, fuel containment wall, containment area lining for spill containment.



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Install Additional Tanks at Kalaeloa Terminal


We are currently providing the mechanical and electrical engineering design work for siting and installing nine 30,0000 tanks and associated foundations. The work generally involves updating drawings that were prepared in 2005 and completed up to 90%. The drawings and specifications will be updated to comply with current site conditions and current codes.

Our scope of work includes the following:

1. Coordinate the design and installation of the new tanks.
2. Update and validate the master plan the facility to consider possible future loading bulkhead and other product transfer operations.
3. Update drawings to meet the current requirements for NFPA 58 and 59 as well as the new Hawaii State Fire Code.
4. Provide updated Code analysis to ensure all fire protection and setback requirements are addressed.
5. Conduct pre-bid walk-through.
6. Process building permit application. (Permit fee not included.)
7. Prepare contract documents.
8. Conduct pre-construction conference.
9. Provide construction site observations periodically and respond to clarification requests.
10. Provide construction phase support services including review of submittals (material and shop drawings) and payment requests.
11. Coordinate all disciplines.

1.  Update drawings based on actual current conditions.
2. Conduct a code analysis and validate the design done in 2005.
3. Provide construction phase support including review of equipment submittals and shop drawings.


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